Body with a deep neckline on the back


The bodysuit is custom made, so if you have special requests, please let us know.

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Ecological body with a deep neckline on the back. Body is custom made, so the waiting time can be up to 3 weeks, but usually it takes about a week. Our body is fastened with clasps, thanks to which it is very functional. Its unique cut and material make it extremely comfortable. The bodysuit is made of 95% organic cotton and meets the strict GOTS certification standard. The material is grown on special environmentally friendly plantations. The use of artificial fertilizers is not allowed. This means that crops are fertilized only with natural and biodegradable fertilizers. GOTS certification also guarantees proper water management – manufacturers are obliged to use sewage treatment plants and a closed water cycle.

By choosing this body, you know that you care about the environment. You can also be sure that the product quality is high. Organic cotton is very soft. Importantly, it allows the skin to breathe. It does not cause allergies or skin irritation, it is ideal for allergy sufferers (which is why it is often used to make clothes for newborns and infants). If you are looking for clothes that combine a timeless cut, quality and comfort, and also take care of the environment – this bodysuit is for you! Let’s not forget about the mission of our brand, which is to remind us of our inner strength and to give courage to overcome difficulties.

The bodysuit is custom made, so if you have special requests, please let us know.

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100% organic cotton